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The Lady Unicorn: I'm not supposed to Exist
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Name: Alexandra
Age: 21
Country: Australia
Email: theladyunicorn@gmail.com
Twitter: aladyunicorn
Homepage: The Lady Unicorn
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About Me
Hi! I'm Alexandra aka Alex. I'm Australian, born on September 13 and am the oldest of three children and only girl. I am currently studying Bachelor of Business in Information and Knowledge Management at RMIT University before going into work in either a Library or Archives. I currently work as a casual in my local library where I have been since 2006, though I started out as a Student Shelver there. I also have Certificate III in Multimedia though I eventually plan on going back and finishing my Diploma in it at some point. I would also love to do an IT degree at some time.

I have been in fandom since 2003, starting out in Star Wars before branching out into Harry Potte, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek among others. I have written fanfiction and original stories which can be found at FF.Net, Fiction Press or slowly being posted at unicornfic. I make graphics which can be found at unicornicons and have roleplayed since September 2008 on Insanejournal. I briefly touched it previously on Livejournal and Yahoo Groups but nothing much came from it. My main roleplay fandom has been Harry Potter though I've also done Star Wars, Labyrinth, Obernewtyn Chronicles, Star Trek, Merlin, Black Jewels, Tamora Pierce, Black Magician, Gossip Girl, Robin Hood (BBC version), The Tudors, True Blood and original charactes. I'm slowly easing out of public games as I find myself getting tired of it all. I am currently in The Dog Days, Chronic Ressurection, The Collector, Piffled, All's Not Forgiven and All's Well that End's Well all over on Insanejournal as well as a couple of Private Storylines.

I'm also addicted to music and have a last.fm account. I'll listen to just about anything though my favourites are The Corrs, Matchbox 20, My Chemical Romance, Texas, Dash & Will, Kieran Strange, Tom Felton, Team Unicorn and Katy Perry.

As well as music I love reading, writing, history, cosplaying and other geeky things :)
Movies - Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, State of Play, Starstruck, Avalon High, We Dont' Live Here Anymore, Creation, Legion, A Knight's Tale, The Young Victoria, Inkheart, Stardust, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Master and Commander, The Heart of Me, A Beautiful Mind, Fair Game, The Painted Vail, Serenity, Pride and Prejudice, The Skeleton Key, Tomorrow When the War Began

TV Shows - Commander in Chief, The West Wing, Gossip Girl, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Babylon 5, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood,

Books/Authors - Morgan's Run, Tamora Pierce, Isobelle Carmody, Trudi Canavan, Robin Hobb, Jennifer Fallon, Phillipa Gregory, Lord of the Rings, Anne Bishop, The Codex Alera series - Jim Butcher, The Gaurdian Cycle - Julia Gray, The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare, Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, The Mistborn Series - Brandon Sanderson, Kylie Chan, Kim Falconer

Actors/Actresses - Paul Bettany, Naomi Watts, David Tennant, Helen Mirren, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Caitlin Stasey, Phoebe Tonkin, Ashleigh Cummings, Disney Actors
hogwartsishome - Sorted Hufflepuff
potter_land - team_helga
hogwarts_elite - Sorted Gryffindor
sortingmore - Ravenclaw
Narcissa Malfoy is my Movie Character at find_and_keep
Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) is my mother at find_and_keep
I am part of the Lestrange family at find_and_keep

at hh_stamping

at slugandjiggers
I am more than happy to have you friend me if you want to. My journal is currently friends only and I have a FO post located here.

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